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Our Services

Pick-up faster, Delivery Faster

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  • Finish delivery in the same day

  • Schedule: Morning, Afternoon, Evening

  • Choose type: Document, Parcel

  • Do not need to weight your goods

  • Do not need to type in goods dimension

  • Up to 50 kg

  • Lower cost

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  • Pick-up today, Drop-off tomorrow

  • Schedule; Morning, Afternoon, Evening

  • Choose type: Document, Parcel

  • Do not need to weight your goods

  • Do not need to type in goods dimension

  • Up to 50 kg

  • Lowest cost

  • Fastest delivery services

  • Pick-up your parcel immediately

  • Choose vehicle type you need

  • Variety of choices

  • From motor to truck

  • Weight max up to vehicle dimension

  • Fast

Core Features

Innovative Technology, More Efficiency, Lower Cost


24H On Demand

Customer can request delivery 24/7 



New automatic sorting and delivery logis
New automatic sorting and delivery logis

Multiple delivery order

Nearby Driver to pick-up faster


Request many deliveries as you want at the same time

Algorithm system based on your optimized location

Review your transaction easily


Cashless Transaction

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Location optimization

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Select Standard parcel size

Track your items during delivery

Online payment integration

Just search delivery area you want

compare with  your body ratio

How to request delivery

Simple click, Convenience, Fast



APOLLO eLOGISTICS has strict policy recruiting our drivers to ensure the best delivery services to our beloved customers. Apollo Drivers must to be professional, good manner, loyalty, and highly responsible for customer services. 

 Customer Comment 

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Mr. Vannak

" With Apollo App, I stop worrying delivery my official documents to my colleagues anymore, Thank Apollo, its very fast as I need. "  

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Ms. Mara

" I stop hiring my personal delivery man since I spend many time to manage them, keep them work, and pay them even I don't have job. I just start using Apollo application recently and I find out that I don't need to have my personal delivery man anymore. I save a lot time for management and it's cheaper. "

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Ms. Lita

" I am a student and I sell books on Facebook. Apollo application is very convenience to use. I save a lot of time, I can book many delivery request at the same time, and I can track all my deliveries there. " 

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Mr. Chet

I prefer Apollo application because I don't need to call to delivery agent then they said please wait they are checking first, then I was told to wait until 2pm or tomoorow morning. Other hand, with Apollo I don't need to wait, I also have many choices to choose time I want. 

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